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Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence with IO-Link Smart Sensors for Weighing

In modern manufacturing, businesses face three core challenges: escalating costs, a growing skills gap, and the relentless pursuit of returns on investment (ROI).

Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence with IO-Link Smart Sensors for Weighing

The solution? Embrace automation and condition monitoring to elevate performance and equipment uptime. Central to this transformation is IO-Link, an open-standard industrial network-communication protocol.

Catalyzing the Revolution
In recent years, IO-Link has emerged as a world-leading sensor and actuator interface. By simplifying sensor integration and condition monitoring, it enables streamlined machine building for integrators and robust production monitoring for end-users. As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, newer IO-Link solutions are emerging to address finer challenges in production operations, including weighing system automation.

A Departure from Historic Complexity
Unlike many of its predecessors, IO-Link stands as an innovative open-source automation language compatible with various automation systems. Directly adding an IO-Link interface to a single-point weighing sensor provides the necessary measurement speed and accuracy required by modern manufacturing while allowing connection to almost any automation system.

These weighing solutions offer:

Out-of-the-box accuracy: Benefit from smart cells that are factory-tuned for optimal performance
Straightforward integration: Use off-the-shelf components with an off-the-shelf device driver for fast connection
Fully transparent condition monitoring: Have confidence in your measurements with status updates and Smart5™ alarms
Continuous data: Weight and the sensor’s status are cyclically transmitted at 200x per second

Download the eBook to learn more about how IO-Link smart sensors for weighing help you step into the future of manufacturing.

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