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At drinktec Munich (12 -16 September 2022), sensor expert Baumer is presenting new, smart sensor solutions for the beverage and liquid food industry. Resource efficiency takes center stage. How can manufacturers make the most of their equipment's capacity to boost productivity and cushion the ever-increasing prices for raw materials and energy?.


These are the questions Baumer is going to answer at drinktec on booth A3.300 by latest product innovations from their broad portfolio of high-performance IO Link sensor technology for applications from goods receipt to packaging.

Fast performance sensors to reduce consumption
To manufacturers of beverages, the largest saving potentials can be exploited in CIP processes and heat exchangers. Here, high-precision measured values and fast response times will significantly cut down on energy and media consumption. For CIP applications, Baumer offers hygienic sensors to quickly and precisely measure parameters like conductivity, flow, temperature, filling level and pressure. Also new conductivity sensor PAC50 debuts at drinktec to play to its strength: high performance in an extremely compact design. Hence, PAC50 as the little brother of the proven AFI4/5 series is ideal for compact production lines. "Its high temperature stability up to 140° Celsius allows for permanent and reliable use in CIP systems; saving energy, cleaning agents and water" explains Product Manager Martin Leupold the principal applications of PAC50.

Clever solutions for inventory management
Many product variants and quickly changing demand calls for a highly flexible control system. At drinktec, Baumer is presenting smart sensor solutions in storage tanks for tasks like head pressure measurement, foam detection or temperature measurement. Taking level detection as an example, Baumer demonstrates how to efficiently control processes involving frequent media changeover or media adhesion and how to save resources by real-time empty-tank notifications. Those who do not yet know about the flexibility of CleverLevel may try it for themselves. Without re-parameterization, the smart limit level sensor reliably detects most different media - sticky, pasty or solid - even in quick media changeovers.

Pump protection by reliably detected gas bubbles
At drinktec, Baumer presents the new PAD20 sensor to efficiently protect pumps against dry run and cavitation. The compact analysis sensor will detect quickly and reliably even the tiniest air and gas bubbles in fluids. Thanks to the smart sensor principle, it will immediately report any individually adjustable limit for gas inclusions being exceeded. The signal can be used for pump shut down or for reporting an alarm warning. "In addition, the sensor would signal whether a closed system is free from gas bubbles", outlines Mr. Julian Budde, Product Manager, the most important benefits of PAD20.

A smart flow sensor to speed up dosing
The further enhanced flow sensor CombiFlow PF75, opens up new ways for dosing tasks. By measuring volume so quickly and precisely, the sensor will manage exact dosing in the bottling process. This way, separate level measurement becomes superfluous. Baumer provides also a large selection of products and technologies for conventional level measurement in the filling process. Ultrasonic sensor UR18 for example, excels with its extended detection range up to 1500 mm with a blind region of a mere 20 mm.

Broad encoder portfolio for conveyor control
For precise conveyor control in the filling and packaging process, the wear-free EB200E from the broad Baumer encoder portfolio stands out from the crowd: position and speed feedback via IO-Link interface, or allows for direct parameterization as a speed monitor. Two switching outputs monitor over-speed, speed range, standstill or direction of rotation. Thanks to the extremely compact dimensions, EB200E integrates into the installation design with minimized space requirements. Complete sensor solutions for end-of-line packaging round off the Baumer portfolio presented at drinktec.

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