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Krones: Fine-tuning for brewery systems

Rising inflation has affected not only consumers but also businesses in the European Union the over the past several months. Prices for raw materials and energy keep climbing higher, and production is becoming increas-ingly expensive. This has a direct impact on revenue, since higher costs cannot always be passed entirely to consumers. When it comes to products like beer, ballooning food grocery bills may curtail consumption.

Krones: Fine-tuning for brewery systems
KPI Tuning from Steinecker makes it possible to identify and exploit potential for savings in the brewery.

When it comes to products like beer, ballooning food grocery bills may curtail consumption. In times like these, it is all the more important for businesses to know their plants’ key performance indicators (KPIs) and to be able to compare them with industry benchmarks. It’s the only way to ensure that production costs are still moving within an optimal range.

Increasing price pressures make efficient production all the more important
But surging energy and raw material prices are not the only reason to take a closer look at production and pro-cess flows. There are many instances when such a review makes a lot of sense, for example, if mechanical or electrical issues become increasingly frequent, if there are changes to work flows or personnel, or if incon-sistent quality of raw materials results in lower yields.

Although efficient production has become increasingly important in recent years, many companies do not know how to improve their consumption or increase capacity. The first question is whether a business even knows the key performance indicators (KPIs) on its existing equipment. If the KPIs are known but fall far short of modern benchmarks, company decision-makers will have to consider whether the best way to address them is through maintenance and overhaul work or by purchasing new equipment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to care-fully analyse the existing equipment. There will always be places where some fine tuning can result in in-creased efficiency and performance. And the KPI tuning services offered by Steinecker will find exactly those places.

KPI Tuning entails a thorough evaluation of breweries in terms of energy, technology, and engineering. Every process and production step counts, from the brewhouse to the bright-beer tank. Potential for optimisation can be identified early on and measures taken to exploit that potential.

For breweries wishing to set up a certified energy management system (EMS), energy consulting offers one more advantage: When data is captured from all energy consumers and current energy consumption is ana-lysed, all options for energy savings are revealed – and with that, the foundations laid for obtaining the certifi-cate.

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