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Axenia Value developed for use in the sterile and wet areas of production and packaging machines, these motor / gearbox systems can be incorporated into open units without any additional protective measures.


System toolkit enables scalable variants
Using the system toolkit provided for this purpose, the hygienic servo actuators in the axenia value series can be configured in three motor sizes with a maximum acceleration torque of 32 Nm, 80 Nm or 200 Nm and gear ratios from i=10 to i=25, depending on the desired task and the performance requirements. A holding brake, temperature sensors and analog and digital encoder systems for position and speed can be built in as options. Regarding the controller, these servo actuators in Hygienic Design are specified for more than 20 possible types from different manufacturers to ensure optimal connectivity.

Complete system hygienically designed through and through
The axenia value series stands for precision actuators designed to strictly hygienic principles. The exterior housing surfaces and the cable glands are made from extra-hard-wearing 1.4404 / AISI 316L stainless steel. The rolled steel surfaces are very smooth with roughness of less than Ra 0.8 µm. This minimizes the risk of product adhesion and allows cleaning materials and disinfectants to be rinsed or drained off without leaving any residue.

The housing has IP69X(30 bar) protection to prevent the ingress of moisture during CIP or SIP cleaning or when using a high pressure cleaner. axenia value users profit from the overall hygienic system, in which the mechanical transitions, dead spaces, gaps, screw heads and housing corners that frequently provide a breeding ground for microorganisms when individual motors and gearboxes are combined are nowhere to be found. The sealing materials used in the servo actuators likewise conform to EHEDG and FDA requirements for hygienic design. The actuator can therefore be assembled and operated as an open unit, that is without additional hoods or covers. This avoids the otherwise possible risks of hidden dirt pockets, corrosive spots or leaks associated with enclosed or encapsulated gearbox motors.

Guaranteed uncompromised performance
The servo actuators in the axenia value series comprise a compact, high performance motor with a precision planetary gearbox that is mounted directly, in other words coupling-free, in order to save space. The two system components have perfectly matched electrical characteristics. This represents a significant advantage – with motor and gearbox combinations from different manufacturers, the system has to be derated by anything between 30 and 50 percent in order to estimate the servo unit’s actual performance at least reasonably accurately, whereas axenia value offers the security of tested performance data and hence robust information on how the servo actuator performs in practice in the application. Furthermore, owing to the system design, this performance data is scalable – for instance to ensure that the servo actuator does not exceed the maximum permitted surface temperature. Apart from protecting against burn injuries if the surface is touched, this also prevents substances from baking or coagulating on the housing.

Approved for worldwide use
Thanks to the UL approval for North America (in prep.) and the DFC certification which is necessary to meet labeling requirements in China, axenia value – the servo actuator in Hygienic Design – is suitable for worldwide use.

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