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Nabtesco: The right gear solution for every application

Whether for medical technology, food production or logistics: Nabtesco precision gears are at home in every industry.

Nabtesco: The right gear solution for every application
Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH

As the world’s largest manufacturer of cycloidal precision gears and an experienced solutions specialist, Nabtesco is familiar with the exact requirements to produce drive systems with maximum performance, safety and reliability whether for use in medical technology, food production or logistics.

Nabtesco gears are very high-precision (max. hysteresis loss 0.5 to 1 arcmin), dynamic and rugged, with a long-standing reputation as a key technology for automation. Thanks to their high power density, the innovative precision cycloidal gears substantially improve efficiency and are in many respects superior to conventional planetary gears, worm gears or rotary indexers in terms of both technology and efficiency. Meanwhile, well over 12 million gear systems are in use in diverse applications worldwide, which is evidence of the high quality and reliability of the technology. The industry-specific challenges are met by Nabtesco with custom solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements.

Top-level performance in all industries
Whether medical technology, food production or logistics, as well as robotics (market share above 60 %) or general mechanical engineering – Nabtesco is at home in every industry: Nabtesco gears are a guarantee for maximum efficiency, performance and system availability. They guarantee precisely executed motions and pinpoint positioning – also in the case of high acceleration moments and heavy loads, or in hygiene-critical environments.

Medical technology applications benefit especially from the high emergency stop torque of up to 500% of the rated torque (up to 800% on request), impressive resistance to cracking and breakage, as well as outstanding precision, for maximum patient comfort. For hygiene-sensitive applications, such as food production, medical technology or biotechnology, Nabtesco offers the Neco® series in a clean, enclosed design. Smooth surfaces and a rounded gear housing prevent the accumulation of foreign matter to allow the unhindered flow of fluids.

This minimises the risk of contamination and ensures fast and efficient cleaning. In logistics, on the other hand, dynamics and compactness are the top priorities. Especially automated guided vehicles (AGV) have very limited installation space, despite above-average requirements for performance. The fully integrated and decentralised drive unit with a Mecanum wheel is therefore ideal for this application. It allows high torque capacities in a compact design and is completely maintenance-free as well.

Application specialist with over 35 years of experience
For well over 35 years, Nabtesco world market leader in the field of robotic gears has been supplying innovative industrial drive solutions as a reliable partner in helping customers to grow their businesses. Wherever exact positioning and absolute reliability are required, the company’s high-performance precision gearboxes are the first choice.

Whatever the requirements: With a broad product range the most extensive and diverse in the precision gear market, a high level of engineering competence, and many years of application experience, Nabtesco delivers efficient automation solutions for every specific application. The high production capacity of over 1 million gear units per year with a goal of 2 million per year by 2030, highly automated production processes, and 100% quality control prior to delivery guarantee maximum safety and availability.

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