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Xylem launches pair of unique reuse beers, made from treated wastewater

Xylem and Bavaria partners launched Reuse Brew, a high-quality recycled wastewater beverage, to promote the use of recycled water in combating climate change water scarcity.
Xylem launches pair of unique reuse beers, made from treated wastewater

Nearly four billion people, representing nearly two-thirds of the world’s population, experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. This means reusing water is more important than ever, and we need public engagement to help people grow comfortable with this innovative water solution.

Reuse Brew is the culmination of a collaboration with the Chair of Brewery and Beverage Technology at Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering at TUM, the city of Weissenburg in Bavaria and Xylem.

"Reuse Brew is not merely an exceptional beer, it exemplifies the vast capabilities of water recycling in combating the pressing issue of water scarcity," said Roxana Marin-Simen de Redaelli, Vice President, Central Europe and Nordics at Xylem.

"This project is a beacon of modern, sustainable wastewater recycling technologies and underscores the importance of utilizing local resources to mitigate groundwater pressure and ensure supply security during periods of drought."

Tapping the latest water recycling technology
Reuse Brew production leverages oxidative processes, ozonation and advanced oxidation with UV irradiation and hydrogen peroxide, paired with sophisticated filtration and purification processes, including nanofiltration. These technologies effectively remove chemical and microbial contaminants through oxidation and adsorption, ensuring the beer’s quality.

"The source of water should not determine its value, but rather its safety and quality," said Professor Jörg E. Drewes of TUM. "Our collaboration with Xylem on the Reuse Brew project underscores the practicality of converting wastewater into safe drinking water with existing technologies."

Xylem launches pair of unique reuse beers, made from treated wastewater

The Weissenburg wastewater treatment plant, the first treatment plant with advanced treatment to eliminate organic micropollutants in Bavaria with the help of Xylem’s ozonation technology, has played a crucial role by supplying treated effluent for their Reuse Brew project.

Xylem brings first-of-Its-kind, sustainable beer to the Carolinas
Xylem also recently teamed with Charlotte Water and Town Brewing Company to bring the first beer brewed with recycled water to the Carolinas in the U.S. Called Renew Brew, this limited-edition pale ale uses ultra-sustainable recycled water.

Charlotte Water provided the source water from its McDowell Wastewater Treatment Plant, chosen due to its award-winning treatment process and high effluent standards. Xylem delivered the technology and expertise, including post-plant polishing treatment equipment and oversight of additional treatment operations.

"At Charlotte Water, we are thrilled to launch in partnership our first beer brewed with recycled water,” said Angela Charles, Charlotte Water Director. “This project is a testament to our commitment to a circular economy, innovation and sustainability, and we are excited to showcase the endless possibilities of recycled water."

Xylem launches pair of unique reuse beers, made from treated wastewater

“In an industry where the majority of our product is water, and knowing the large amount of it that it takes to make a single pint of beer, it is vastly important to be a part of any sustainability effort that we can – especially an ingredient as important to us as water,” said Federico De La Torre, Town Brewing Head Brewer.”

“Innovative approaches like reuse are critical to address water scarcity in our communities. We’re proud to support Charlotte Water, and customers globally, as they take on this important work,” said Chris Thomson, Xylem Director, Vertical Marketing, Drinking Water Utilities.

Renew Brew was created as a demonstration project to raise awareness of the power of water recycling to advance sustainability in communities. The beverage won Best in Show during a blind-tasting contest at a local brewers festival. Check out WBTV’s news coverage.

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