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avercasso in Attendance at the World of Coffee 2024

Avercasso will participate in the World of Coffee (WOC) 2024 trade show, which will take place June 27-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
avercasso in Attendance at the World of Coffee 2024

Avercasso® will attend as an Exhibitor at the Bella Center Copenhagen in Hall E, Booth #EG003 where it will present its product the CS One, a 2024 iF Design Award Winner.

The CS One is the world’s first commercialized AI green coffee bean sorter. Using AI to identify and sort green beans automatically, the CS One can process 5-6 kg of beans per hour with a 99% accuracy rate. It recognizes SCA-classified primary and secondary defects through AI-powered 4K dual cameras, saving hours of labor from traditional hand sorting. Users can simply fill up the bean hopper, start the sorting process on the touch panel, and then receive smartphone push notifications when complete.

The CS One uses unique AI sorting modules to train its algorithms based on different bean processing methods — such as Anaerobic, Black-honey, and Wet-hulled (with additional modules under continuous development). This allows users to customize their CS One for the specific beans they are using. In addition to the basic AI modules provided, roasters can purchase other AI modules based on specific types of beans and processing methods. Each AI recognition program is a one-time purchase with free updates and support.

The CS One is not only designed for roasters but for other industry professionals as well. Farmers can use the device in carefully sorting and eliminating defective beans from their crop yields, improving the overall quality and value of their beans. The CS One can also be deployed by coffee traders as an ideal inspection tool and as a quality monitoring device for product samples, ensuring top-quality beans. Moreover, industry advisors can use the CS One to enhance green bean grading inspections by using efficient, data-driven approaches for precise analysis.

Avercasso® is devoted to high-quality and healthy coffee experiences the world over. We are proud to exhibit at the WOC 2024 to showcase our commitment to the coffee industry and to contribute to the advancement of coffee roasting. For more info on the CS One and our vision, please read more here,

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