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Torque limiter ECR completely made of stainless steel

For limiting torques in indirect drives of bottling plants and cleaning plants, packaging machines, etc. ENEMAC supplies a special stainless steel version. The ECR complies with the special demands on the hygiene in food-processing, pharma and medicine industry.

Torque limiter ECR completely made of stainless steel

The type ECR is being developed out of approved type series and is composed “through and through of stainless steel”. There are no coated parts involved in this coupling, it’s all pure stainless steel.

The used spring disc with decreasing force progression with relatively big pass was specially designed for this type of torque limiter. It ensures on-the-spot disengaging on the adjusted torque and enables big torque ranges without changing disc springs. Because of that there is just little remaining force on the disc spring when the coupling disengages, this leads to an importantly less wear behaviour, which leads to a longer life-time.

The well-engineered ball-locking principal disconnects safely within a few angular degrees the engine from the machine. Through scanning the pass of the switch wafer with an inductive proximity switch it’s possible to have an automatic emergency stop.

The balls are permanently lubricated with food-friendly grease. A labyrinth-seal guards against dirt-particles, but let pass penetrating fluids. They’ve got a fix point switching, which means one engagement/disengagement per 360°. Alltogether the construction of the ECR gets along by using very few moving parts - that guarantees a high functional safety.

Combined with crown gear or chain wheel it’s a compact device, that must simply be put on the shaft of the machine. Special versions are available on request.

ECR’s torque range is between 15 and 350 Nm.

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