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Videojet presented a Fully automated pallet labeling system specifically engineered to function in demanding conditions

New Videojet 9560 PL Pallet Labeler Delivers Reliable, Automated Pallet Labeling That Helps Reduce Warehouse Costs and Mistakes.

Videojet presented a Fully automated pallet labeling system specifically engineered to function in demanding conditions

With over 45 years of expertise in marking, coding and product identification solutions, Videojet is pleased to launch the new Videojet 9560 PL pallet labeling system. In addition to its ability to cover up to three sides of a pallet and apply up to four labels, the 9560 PL can process up to 120 pallets per hour across diverse applications. The 9560 PL also facilitates secure warehouse management and adherence to industry regulations.

The 9560 PL verifies label accuracy and reprints incorrect labels as needed to help ensure error-free operations and improve productivity and profitability. An integrated bar code scanner can be used to verify the readability of bar codes on printed labels. If a bar code is unreadable because of a dead dot occurrence, the 9560 PL automatically reprints the label in a landscape orientation and the advanced rotating tamp pad applies the label over the unreadable one. The system then rescans to ensure the code is readable.

The 9560 PL meets GS1 specifications by applying identical 6 x 4-inch (A6) or 6 x 8-inch (A5) labels on up to three sides. Labels exposed to harsh production environments can warp, deform and impact adhesion to the pallet, resulting in unnecessary waste of label rolls. The 9560 PL’s fully enclosed cabinet protects labels installed in the system from challenging conditions, including cold, humidity, wind and dust.

Intelligent MotionTM clutchless and adjustment-free technology in the 9560 PL enables the accurate, reliable and automatic control of printing and application of labels onto pallets, helping users to avoid logistics delays. The tamp pad with a wrist joint firmly adheres up to four labels per pallet on both smooth and uneven surfaces. Additionally, the tamp arm reaches up to 700 mm (27.5”) and offers a 90-degree pivot, allowing label placement on up to three sides (front, side, rear) of a pallet; an overhang option increases the arm’s reach by 150 mm (6”).

An easy-to-use touchscreen in the 9560 PL helps minimize errors while supporting troubleshooting. The industry-leading CLARiTYTM user interface technology delivers intuitive job selection, code assurance and built-in productivity tools. On-board videos are available to walk users through procedures to alleviate issues and simplify training. The option for a second GUI is beneficial when the system is used in guarded areas, so operators can remotely operate the 9560 PL without having to enter restricted or gated areas.

With a small footprint, the 9560 PL can be installed in a wide range of locations close to the end of a production line. It measures just 900 mm (35.4”) x 800 mm (31.5”), making it one of the most compact print-and-apply pallet solutions available. The system is also available in three height options and offers the choice of right or left-hand cabinet doors.

The 9560 PL features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to help users meet their current and future Industry 4.0 goals. Designed for seamless integration into production and warehouse management systems, the system’s intelligent I/O capabilities include standard industrial protocols; EtherNet/IPTM and PROFINET® are standard. VideojetConnectTM software solutions help ensure data integrity, central code management and easy printer connection across an entire plant.

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