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BOBST is revolutionizing the gravure printing process with smartGRAVURE

BOBST smartGRAVURE revolutionizes the traditional gravure printing process by adding innovative elements of automation and digitalization, whilst enhancing connectivity and sustainability.
BOBST is revolutionizing the gravure printing process with smartGRAVURE

smartGRAVURE is a new tool that changes gravure printing from being a highly manual operation to a fully digitalized workflow. Aligned with Industry 5.0 principles and the pillars of BOBST’s vision for the future of packaging production, this innovation elevates the operator/machine interface whilst fully optimizing the gravure process.

With automated color management using BOBST oneECG (Extended Color Gamut), digitalized set up and controls, and connectivity with BOBST Connect, smartGRAVURE will increase productivity and output consistency, reduce downtime and complexity, and offer considerable sustainability benefits.

Delivering premium printing quality results, smartGRAVURE moves gravure printing to the next level as an end-to-end seamless process, no longer relying on the skills of the individual operator. This will secure the position and future of gravure, enabling printers remain competitive in the packaging market.

Why smartGRAVURE?
For brand owners that require premium quality packaging, gravure has always been the obvious choice. However, until now, it has been a challenge for gravure printers to meet the increasing demands for shorter print runs, faster delivery and more sustainability.

By optimizing the process with smartGRAVURE, printers can produce exceptional and consistent quality, with only a minimum waste of substrates and inks. And they can deliver the orders faster with high profitability, whether they are small, medium or long runs.

smartGRAVURE benefits at a glance
  • End-to-end digitalized process – enabling printers to meet and exceed the highest industry standards with ease
  • Offline setup – automatic selection of optimal process data for each new job freeing up press time and disengaging from operator skills level.
  • Shorter time to sellable print – allowing for quicker delivery and reducing startup waste of substrate and ink.
  • Automated color management – consistent colors across the entire job irrespective of length, substrate and press operator, also for repeat jobs.
  • New inking system – in-line and fully automated color measurement and adjustment saving time, consumables, and waste.
  • Reduced complexity with oneECG – less downtime, faster changeovers, and ability to run multiple SKUs/jobs in one run with extended color gamut printing.
  • Higher sustainability – automated setup and oneECG printing reducing waste of materials and inks, energy and time throughout the process.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency – higher output quantity and quality due to improved press uptime and automatic quality monitoring and adjustments.
  • Data analysis capabilities – BOBST Connect delivering valuable production floor data, enabling predictive maintenance and improved planning for continual optimization.
With BOBST’s long experience in gravure printing, integrating the cutting-edge smartGRAVURE tool, printers are empowered with the only automated solution for gravure on the market, setting them on the path for a highly productive and profitable future. This solution will continue to evolve over time, bringing even more benefits and keeping gravure printing at the forefront of innovation in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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