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Ametek News

AMETEK MOCON Launches New AQUATRAN 3/40 Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer for Trays, Pouches, Pods, and Other Whole or Finished Packages

AMETEK MOCON, a leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments, and gas controllers/sensors, has launched a new analytical instrument to measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of whole packages under precisely-controlled environmental conditions.

Phoenix Contact News

New class 100 machine lights

The new PLD M 140 W…/D25 and PLD M 140 W…/D35/SC class 100 machine lights extend Phoenix Contact’s range of machine lights.

Carrier News

Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLINE Refrigeration Units Provide Sustainable Cooling for Cleveron’s Innovative Touchless Grocery Kiosks

Robotic kiosks that provide automated and contactless dispensing of groceries for consumers are being sustainably refrigerated by Carrier Transicold NaturaLINE® units, the world’s first and only container refrigeration systems to use the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide (R-744).

Tsubaki Moto News

Tsubaki Neptune chain keeps the drinks coming for beverage manufacturer

The beverage industry operates on a global scale, with its growth driven by our desire for convenient drinks. With the needs of billions to cater for, beverage manufacturers need to utilise highly reliable equipment to meet demand and secure profitability.

Collo News

Every liquid has a fingerprint and now it can be measured in real time

A new radio wave-based analysis technology, developed by the Finnish high-tech company Collo, makes it possible to continuously monitor the state of any liquid in industrial processes, be it thick slurries, resins, adhesives, coatings, emulsion, beer, water or any other fluid.


Measure power consumption for privileged EEG apportionment

According to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), industrial companies or other buildings with a high energy usage have the possibility to reduce their EEG apportionment or be exempted from it.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers