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Multivac News


MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has developed the DP 245, a new, highly innovative direct web printer for the X-line series of traysealers. The special feature: Although the high-performance model operates at a fixed working height, it automatically adjusts to possible differences in the height of finished packs.

NORD Drivesystems

The new MAXXDRIVE® XD industrial gear unit from NORD for lifting gear of all kinds

Lifting applications place special demands on the installation space for drives. With MAXXDRIVE® XD, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has now developed an industrial gear unit with increased centre distance that is ideally suited to the U-shaped configuration of drive, motor and cable drum.


Possibly the most valuable milliseconds in the plastics industry

Because power outages can be expensive and time-consuming, the Swiss company NETSTAL started looking for a solution for PET manufacturing that would be able to handle such outages in a cost-effective manner while affording protection from damage. Together with KEBA, such a solution was developed.

Marel News

Pioneers in food processing joining hands

Marel is pleased to announce the acquisition of a minority stake in Soft Robotics Inc, a US based industry-leading robotics company and a strategic partnership focused on selected solutions in core markets.

Yamaha Motor News

Food Manufacturers Boost Production with Yamaha Robots

Automating any processes in a production sequence can simplify operational challenges as well as increasing efficiency and quality. Yamaha Motor Robotics FA Section has helped companies in different sectors of the food industry to realise these benefits by introducing robots to handle packaging and labelling.

Alfa Laval News

Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre boosts productivity

Let the Alfa Laval Fluid Handling Application & Innovation Centre conduct trials under near-actual operating conditions to determine how to achieve the best outcomes.

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