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PiL Sensoren News

Mounting filling level sensors: tight, hygienic, exchangeable

PiL offers a range of mounting solutions for making ultrasound measurements in closed containers to reliably and precisely detect the contents or filling level even in challenging applications.

Stepac News

StePac Launches Lean and Fully Recyclable Top Seal Solution

Fresh produce packaging innovators, StePac Ltd. has expanded its range of top seals with new solutions to boost the retail fresh produce packaging sector. Its newly upgraded portfolio includes lean and fully recyclable easy peel film structures designed to be sealed onto trays or containers housing produce items such as summer fruits, freshly cut fruits and vegetables and more for on-the-go convenience.


GEA wins one of the largest orders in the company’s history in the growing “New Food” market of the future

Novozymes, the world’s largest supplier of enzyme and microbial technologies headquartered in Denmark, has entrusted GEA with the turnkey fitting of a major new plant to produce plant-based proteins for the plant-based food industry. The volume of this order is well into the high double-digit million-euro range.

ExOne News

Celwise AB Uses ExOne 3D Printed Tooling to Transform Wood Fiber into Innovative, Single-Use Plastic Replacement

The ExOne Company (Nasdaq: XONE), the global leader in industrial sand and metal 3D printers using binder jetting technology, is proud to announce that innovative molded fiber technology supplier, Celwise AB of Norrköping, Sweden, is using metal tools 3D printed by ExOne in 316L stainless steel for its patented method of transforming wood and other cellulose fibers into a wide range of eco-friendly packaging and products.


The sensor expert Leuze is growing

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the decline in plant and mechanical engineering, 2020 was a successful business year for Leuze

Interactanalysis News

Recovery Is Slow, But Global Manufacturing Industry Is Limping In The Right Direction

In this article we focus on two of those factors – chip shortages and freight costs – and we take a look at machinery production (traditionally a more volatile sector than industry production) where cautious capital investments in some segments have meant particularly slow recovery for some machinery manufacturers, whilst others are making good progress towards market normality.



Whatever your opinion on climate change there is one thing virtually everybody agrees on, and that is that waste is a bad thing. Waste can take many forms, excess energy utilisation, wasted products, wasted time, or wasted resources like water. All this adds up to not only excess cost and reduced competitiveness but also unnecessary burden on the planet and the natural world.

Marel News


More and more North American poultry plants are changing their process from water chilling to air chilling. Some major processors in the US are already extremely satisfied users of air chilling tunnels. Processors in Canada have been effectively using air chilling systems for some time now as well. Marel is on top of things, with a product portfolio that is ideally fit for this market.

Tsubaki News

Chain history: why durability is key for today’s roller chains

Since the industrial revolution, roller chain design has remained relatively stable. However, the most crucial developments have responded to the need to increase chain durability and lifespan. Not only has this improved safety, but these advances have driven down total cost while improving operational productivity.

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