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Halstrup-Walcher News


Sustainability, industry 4.0 and customization are the biggest trends in the industry right now. In order to meet the challenges associated with these trends, the intelligent drives from halstrup-walcher offer packaging machine manufacturers advantages in each of these areas.

Flowserve News


Re-engineered to provide exceptional hydraulic performance, reliability and low total cost of ownership.


Electronic assemblies without PCBs

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is a special success story. For almost 20 years, it has been possible to apply electronic conductor paths directly onto plastic parts during series production.

Mettler Toledo News

METTLER TOLEDO: Bringing You the Most Robust, Safety-Conscious Weighing Equipment Portfolio for 75 Years

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to be celebrating 75 years of weighing equipment excellence, and our focus on hygienic design and operator safety has never been stronger. For more details on our robust portfolio and how our usable designs can help you achieve accuracy and productivity in your lab.

Mettler Toledo News

Need to Save Lab Space? Discover a Compact Balance that Lets You Do More with Less and Get 50% Off a Lab Data Writer*

If your lab is like many around the world, you are often asked to do more with less. This can also mean working with less bench space. With the ML-T balance from METTLER TOLEDO, you can save space, maximize your weighing performance, and enhance user safety. Plus, get 50% off a new lab data writer for a limited time to keep your data accurate and improve traceability.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Automate image-based inspection with artificial intelligence

High demands on products as well as high time and cost pressure are decisive competitive factors across all industries and sectors. Whether in the food or automotive industry quality, safety and speed are today more than ever before factors that determine the success of a company.

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