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Schmalz News

Grab a Cookie!

Food-safe, lightweight and effective: these are just some of the key features of the new flow gripper SFG from Schmalz. They enable it to handle food products with highly textured surfaces quickly but gently.

Carrier News

Carrier Launches Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain Program

The need for safe and sustainable cold chain technologies to preserve and protect the supply of food, medicine and vaccines around the world has never been greater.

Inkmaker News

Inkmaker acquires Swesa Dosiersysteme GmbH

Inkmaker srl announces the acquisition of German company SWESA, specialised in customised dosing-systems, in the run up to Q3 2020.

Enemac News

Torque limiter ECR completely made of stainless steel

For limiting torques in indirect drives of bottling plants and cleaning plants, packaging machines, etc. ENEMAC supplies a special stainless steel version. The ECR complies with the special demands on the hygiene in food-processing, pharma and medicine industry.


GEA sells compressor manufacturer Bock to NORD Holding

As part of its continued focus on strategic core markets – the food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries – Düsseldorf-based technology group GEA is selling the compressor manufacturer Bock, which is in GEA’s Refrigeration Technologies division, to NORD Holding.

Progea News


Modern automation systems provide for the availability to be accessed remotely and at any time. From this perspective, various users such as operators, maintenance crews and production managers need to have access to automation systems, and the security of each access needs to be guaranteed. In fact, authorizing different profiles of people to access the system remotely, means exposing the system to security issues that can involve data confidentiality and even command and control security problems. Typically, these accesses have to be managed in a simple and functional way, thus the Web Client technology is used increasingly.

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