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New CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps from Coval, with added intelligence and communications capability

After the launch in 2022 of the CMS HD series of multistage vacuum pumps, COVAL is completing its offer with the VX range, a version with embedded intelligence. It has the design pedigree of COVAL's vacuum pump ranges, which combine operating power, robustness, modularity, compactness and communication.

NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is optimistic about the new year Growth in times of crisis

In a challenging year, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS also looks back on positive developments. Just before the turn of the years 2022/2023, the drive manufacturer passed the one billion euro sales threshold for the first time, increased its number of employees to 4,900 and opened new production locations worldwide.

Multivac News

MULTIVAC at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona

MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions, which contribute to an improved shelf life for fish and seafood, and at the same time ensure that the product is perfectly presented at the point of sale.

RÖSBERG Engineering GmbH

Plant Documentation 4.0 – an essential enabler for Industry 4.0 

Specialist articles on Industry 4.0 generally emphasize the aspect of technical feasibility of the consistent, intelligent networking of machines, processes and personnel: What gateways, protocols and platforms will be needed to interlink machines from different manufacturers? What legal requirements have to be observed? How can security be designed to avoid hacker attacks?.

Binder News


Sensor technology in the process industry is often exposed to humid, aggressive environments. In industries such as food or pharmaceuticals production, but also in medical applications, it is therefore often necessary to protect certain components against corrosion.

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