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Delta Electronics

Delta Launches the New Version of DIAView (V3.7) and Upgrades for Industrial Panel PC DIAVH PPC

Delta announces the update of two products from its portfolio, including version V3.7 of its DIAView SCADA software, which further improves the integration of IIoT applications into existing systems and makes programming even easier. It is also adding new Industrial Panel PCs (PPCs) to the DIAVH series that deliver significantly improved performance, featuring 8 GB of RAM as an add-on to the previous 4 GB.

Krones News


Just ten years ago, plant-based drinks were still a niche product found mostly in organic grocery stores. Today, they’ve made their way into every supermarket, without exception – and they’re filling the shelves with an increasingly colourful array of products.

Domino News

Domino Launches U510 UV Laser to Help Manufacturers Code onto Recyclable Food Packaging Film

In response to growing industry and regulatory demand for recyclable plastics, Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) is pleased to announce the new U510 laser coder. The U510 is a state-of-the-art UV-based laser coder for high-speed, high-precision coding on recyclable, mono-material, coloured plastics, including flexible food packaging films in horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal (HFFS and VFFS) applications.

Yokogawa News

Yokogawa Releases OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of the OpreXTM Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series. This new product series succeeds the ADMAG CA Series and is being released as part of the OpreX Field Instruments family. The products in this new series are all capacitance-type magnetic flowmeters that are capable of measuring the flow of conductive fluids through a measurement tube without the fluids coming into contact with the device’s electrodes.

VIA Tech News

VIA Introduces VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service for Forklifts

With growing supply chain complexity, accelerating e-commerce demand, and rising labor shortages, the need for logistics and manufacturing enterprises to harness the power of the digitization to boost the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their warehouse operations has never been greater.


FlexLink extends its offer for collaborative palletizing

FlexLink, an industry leader in automated production and material flow solutions, has extended its offer of advanced palletizing cells adding the RC12 and RC14 to the original RC10. New robotic arms provide higher payloads, up to 12 kilograms, and larger box sizes and pallet heights.

Krones News

Krones: Putting residual materials from the brewing process to good use

For most breweries, the residual materials from the brewing process are nowadays more of a bothersome disposal problem even though it has actually been possible to recycle this biomass for some time now. It also makes perfect sense to do so, because using it for energy recovery in a biogas plant, in particular, can substantially reduce a brewery’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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